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“Let me introduce myself.  I am Steven, hence the name ‘Steven’s Corner’.  I am Don’s brother in law (we married sisters).  Like Don, I cook… real men DO cook, and not always at a backyard grill.  The agreement was made between my wife and I that
she was tired of cooking and I was tired of cleaning (from our previous respective marriages).  So, I cook, she cleans.  The fact she has been a full time night student for the last 10 years pursuing her degree and does not have the time to devote in any capacity to preparing meals aided in that decision.  Either way, I brought my vast experience of
culinary bachelor chow enhancement to the table when we met.  She agreed, and the die was cast.

First and foremost, hear and heed this thought…” We eat to survive but dine to live.”  I am not talking expensive and/or time consuming high class “foo foo” food.  I am talking about taking the ordinary, adding a minute extra bit of time, effort, spice, with trial and error drizzled in, and that plain meal bland and stagnate is now popping.  A little pizzazz goes a long way.

So, I shall pass my efforts to Don, who will meticulously perform exploratory culinary surgery, bringing my northern born but southern twinged cuisine enhancement to your table.


First up is Ro-Tel Pizza:



1 pkg. Active dry yeast
½ Tbs Sugar
¾ cup Warm water (~110°)
1-3/4 cups All-purpose flour
½ tsp Garlic salt
A/R Italian seasoning
A/R Non-stick cooking spray
A/R Corn Meal (for dusting pans)
Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water; let rest for 5 minutes.In a large bowl, combine flour, garlic salt and Italian seasoning.Add yeast mixture to flour mixture, stirring until dough starts to form.
Knead dough until easy to manage and not wet (add additional flour as necessary).

Divide into two portions and spread into greased and dusted 8”x11” baking pans (dough should be fairly thin).  Flip dough in baking sheet once to coat both sides.  Set aside.


10 ½ oz. can Ro-Tel® Tomatoes & Green
Chiles (Original or Mild)
Pinch Baking soda
A/R Olive oil
½ cup Alfredo sauce (Ragu® or similar)
A/R Parmesan cheese
A/R Shredded pizza blend cheese
A/R Garlic salt or minced garlic
A/R Pizza toppings to taste (pepperoni, olives,
Warm tomatoes with baking soda in a small saucepan over medium heat.Drizzle olive oil and alfredo sauce over pizza dough; spread to edges with the back of a spoon.Drain warmed tomatoes in a strainer; divide between pizzas, spreading for even coverage.
Sprinkle with garlic salt or minced garlic to taste.  Add favorite toppings (suggest not more
than three, and not real heavy layers). Top with parmesan and pizza cheese.

Place in preheated 500° oven for 7 minutes, rotating pans after four minutes.
After 7 minutes, slide pizzas from pans and place directly on oven rack to crisp bottoms (about two minutes).
Place back onto pans and remove from oven.  Cool for three minutes before cutting.

This is a very simple, yet tasty version of pizza.  The crust is crisp and the diced tomatoes instead of sauce makes it taste less heavy.  I made this one night after finding out I had no tomato sauce AFTER making the dough.
I hope you enjoy..!!



Kimchi.  A delicacy few really like, but I am one of those few.  I was introduced to kimchi during my time in the Air Force.  Having Midwest German heritage, cabbage, and cabbage dishes, were common place and liked by me.  So, when kimchi was offered, I tried and loved this.  But that was 25 years ago.  Then, one day, out of the blue, I found kimchi in the cold salad section of a Chinese buffet I frequent at lunchtime with my posse.  It is an absolute that I will have a small plate.   Then, alas, the few brain cells I have remaining decided to see if there was a recipe available on the big, wide internet.  Low and behold, the quantity and variations are endless.  I have tried several batches and believe the recipe I wish to share with you will surprise your palate.  I adjusted the ingredients to show what I have available in my local, large chain grocery store, so these should be similarly available without needed a specialized Asian market.  For those who have never tasted this wonderful dish, be forewarned, it is spicy.


1 clean used pickle jar or new sealable glass container

1 head Napa cabbage

¾ cup salt

¼ cup white vinegar

¼ cup fish sauce

5 green onions, chopped

½ medium onion, chopped

1 clove minced garlic OR 2 heaping tablespoons minced garlic from jar

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 heaping teaspoon ground ginger

3 heaping tablespoons red curry paste

Cut cabbage into 2 inch squares and rinse.  Squeeze excess water from leaves and place in large, resealable bag.  Sprinkle salt over leaves and seal bag, removing excess air.  Toss contents and rub salt into leaves until evenly coated.  Set bag aside and leave at room temperature for 6 hours.

Rinse the salt from the cabbage leaves, then drain and squeeze out excess liquid.  In a large bowl, combine all remaining ingredients with spoon.  Add cabbage leaves and toss to evenly coat all cabbage.  Spoon mixture into glass container and seal.  Set jar in a cool, dry place for 4 days, slow shaking jar to mix contents once per day.  After 4 days, place jar in refrigerator.   Lasts up to one month in refrigerator and can be a side dish, finely chopped and served with bratwurst or hot dogs, etc.  Try many ways and enjoy..!!


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  1. Thanks for this one, Steven – you cannot beat a homemade yeast-based crust, and for those of us that are tired of commercial pizzas that are floating in sauce, this is the one to make.

    Readers, stay tuned for more of Steven’s creations – he’s a kitchen craftsman with few equals!


  2. Yeah I think this one is on the menu for this weekend’s trial. If it is a little spicy than it’s right up my alley. Never had it before, but I think I’ll give it a shot… It truly is funny how I as long with others always find something a little unique and delicious at Chinese restaurants, hence is why I like to try different places out… One thing is for sure, if you ask politely, they will give you the ingredients for their master pieces….:)


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