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Review: Cuisinart® Kitchen Utensils

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Recently, we decided to retrofit the kitchen with some new kitchen utensils that were more high-end.  After researching available styles/brands, we settled on the Cuisinart® line of utensils.  Items included solid and slotted spoons, spatulas, turners, whisks, and various other necessary tools.

For the most part, I knew what my needs were: they needed to be all stainless steel (not a good idea for use with nonstick cookware, of course, but we exclusively use Tramontina® all-stainless pots and pans).  When I say all-stainless tools, I’m including the shaft as well as the business end.  We ended up purchasing from  Most serious cooks already know about this outlet, they offer a price-match guarantee along with reasonable shipping costs on most items.

I’ve had the opportunity to use nearly every item purchased over the last few weeks – and I’m more than satisfied with the results.  First, each tool is substantial in size and feel, with comfortable silicone handles.  This type of material means that the handle won’t scar or melt when left resting with the handle on a hot skillet, for example – and it stays cool to the touch, thanks to silicone’s insulating properties.

Another important attribute is balance – a tool shouldn’t seem too top-heavy or bottom-heavy.  For a quick job, that probably doesn’t matter much, but for marathon “stir constantly” sessions, it gets a little fatiguing.  The Cuisinart® utensils performed well in this regard.

Performance-wise, I couldn’t be happier – the tools don’t bend or flex, except where and when they’re supposed to.  Anyone who’s used a nylon-shaft turner to try to flip something heavy knows what I’m talking about.

Finally, all of Cuisinart’s stainless line of kitchen utensils comes with a 10-year guarantee – which, to me, is about the same as a lifetime guarantee for my purposes.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Cuisinart® line – they cost only a tiny bit more than the cheap mass-market tools, but are decidedly worth it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to the website – there are a few must-have gadgets I forgot the first time around …


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