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Product Review – FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer

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A glance through my recipes on the blog will confirm that most of them make a fairly large quantity of food.  I try to identify which ones freeze well, since I’m a great believer in ready-made frozen foods – all you have to do is defrost, heat, and eat.  It saves money, and cooking in quantity is often easier than making a small amount of something.


The biggest problem with freezing is, of course, freezer burn – so I recently got a machine that promises to help.  I purchased the FoodSaver vacuum food sealer system (Model V-3825).  Before I got the machine, I read pages and pages of reviews, which were mostly positive.


Since I’ve had the machine for a few weeks and put it through its paces, I thought I’d briefly review the pros and cons as I see them:


First, if you have enough counter space, I’d recommend leaving it out on the counter as I do – if you have to drag it out from a cabinet each time you want to use it, you’ll be less likely to get maximum benefit from it.  It really has a small footprint, and I have plenty of counter space, so there wasn’t a problem for me.


Second, before you ever seal a bag, I recommend reading the instruction manual thoroughly.  It’s not as well-written as it could be, but if you follow the instructions to the letter, you’ll be much more successful when using it.  Some of the negative reviews I read were clearly the result of not following the directions fully.


As far as I’m concerned, it lives up to its promises, producing a tight, well-formed package every time, using the special corrugated FoodSaver bags (a good supply of bags are included with the unit).  Just a word about the bags: some folks might look at the fact of having to purchase special bags as a negative – I don’t, since I’m not using so many as to be a major cost factor.  I bought a big box of extra rolls of bags at COSTCO at a reasonable price, so I’m not concerned.  As mentioned, the bags come in rolls, which are stored on board the unit, and a built-in cutter trims off just the right size bag as you need.  The system does seem to use a bit too much of each bag for each seal (about an extra 1.5”), but again, unless you’re using it three times a day, this shouldn’t be a concern.


Performance-wise, I couldn’t be happier, and can recommend this product!



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