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Rant: Random Thoughts and Opinions #1

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Once again, it’s time for me to express more unsolicited opinions concerning cooking-related matters.  None are related to one another, and none are particularly important, but I didn’t have time to get one of my recipes up, and I wanted to make a blog entry for today.  So this is what you get…

  1. Never use imitation vanilla – the stuff is nasty and so unnecessary.
  2. Olive oil: always buy extra-virgin olive oil, and get the best you can afford (within reason, of course).
  3. They make frozen garlic bread that comes in a box… the question is, why?
  4. Some of the better blenders out there come with a heavy-duty tempered glass jar.  So why don’t food processor manufacturers take a clue from this and make one with a glass bowl?  Even a $300 Cuisinart food processor has a plastic bowl.  And you know what they say about plastic: you know it’s going to break, you just don’t know when.
  5. Speaking of appliances, every big box store sells a line of really cheap countertop appliances – and some are quite good.  Two caveats, however: don’t expect them to perform to the same level as the more expensive versions.  And also, if you buy one, plan to replace it before long.  My advice?  Save up for the top-of-the-line model whenever you can – it will be worth it in the long run.  They also usually come with pretty good warranties, outstanding service, and replacement parts are always readily available.
  6. Never use a propane deep-fryer in the house unless you’re already in foreclosure.
  7. When using wine as part of your marinade, don’t use a wine you wouldn’t otherwise drink (this of course doesn’t apply to those who would drink just about anything).
  8. Charcoal or gas?  Charcoal, of course.



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