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Green Chile With Pork

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It shouldn’t be hard to find a decent recipe for green chile with pork – but it is.  Oh, there are plenty of recipes out there with a wide variety of approaches to the dish, but nothing satisfied me – plus, some of them were way more involved than they should be.  I mean, c’mon—it’s just green chile, after all!So, of course, I came up with my own.  I like this one, since I can use fresh chiles when they’re in season, and canned chiles the rest of the year.  I also wanted something I could make in the slow cooker rather than strictly stovetop.  You’re not going to believe my reason for that last one… I love the aroma of cooking green chile so much; I want to enjoy it for several hours, even overnight!

For the pork, I always use country style ribs, since they’re boneless, tender, and have just the right amount of fat.  There’s no reason you couldn’t use a pork roast, of course – just cube it up as called for below.

If you’re using fresh chiles (I use Anaheims – the long green ones), roast them on the grill or under a broiler until the skins are bubbled, blistered and blackened, then cool under a damp towel, peel, and seed.  If that sounds like too much, just use canned ones (I always throw in a small (4 oz.) can of jalapeños to add a little touch of heat).  Serve in a bowl with fresh warm tortillas on the side, or smother a batch of burritos or enchiladas.  Freeze what you don’t eat – it’s better reheated anyway.

3 lbs Country-style ribs or pork roast
¼ cup Canola oil
2-29 oz cans Chopped green chiles
A/R Chopped jalapeño peppers
4 Tomatillos
1 Yellow onion
1 bulb Garlic
¼ cup Fresh cilantro
¼ cup Masa trigo (masa flour)
1-15 oz can Tomato purée
4 cups Chicken broth
1 cup Water
2 Tbs+1 tsp Ground cumin
2 tsp Chili powder
1 tsp Kosher salt
Coarse-chop onion, garlic, and tomatillos; set aside.  Finely chop cilantro leaves, set aside.Heat oil in a large skillet, cube the ribs or pork roast into approximately ¾” x ¾” pieces.  Sauté in the skillet, stirring frequently.  Add onion and garlic, continuing to stir until onion is translucent.  Stir the masa into the meat mixture until most of the oil is absorbed.  Remove from heat.

In a food processor, add approximately half the chopped chilis, chopped jalapeños, chopped tomatillos, and chopped cilantro; process until liquefied.  Pour into a slow cooker; add the meat mixture and the rest of the ingredients.  Bring to a boil on the High setting, turn down to Low and allow to simmer for 12-15 hours.  Add small amounts of additional water as necessary to replace evaporation.


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  1. This absolutely does look good! I have an award winning pork recipe myself 🙂 I’ll have to try this one out for sure!

  2. Thank you – it’s a really easy recipe, which for something as simple as green chile, is the way it should be.


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